3 Growth hacking secrets we really shouldn´t share with you

Growth hacking secrets are a must for Digital Marketing Agencies, nowadays. But web development companies are on the lookout for hacks, too. Why?  Digital marketing agencies/ web development companies are goal oriented, which means they are growth oriented. Staying in your comfort zone is not an option anymore if you are selling services in the digital world. It’s a pretty competitive scene.

That’s why recently tactics, tools and “secrets” for marketing success have been popping up on every marketing agency’s blog. We want to put our two cents in too. Our 3 cents…

3 Growth hacking secrets

There are 3 simple, really important growth hacking secrets we have decided to share in this blog post. Why? Because we believe every brand can benefit from knowing these tricks. And especially because all the recent hype around the subject can take the attention off what really matters.

Do you need to download a pdf of 200 hacks for immediate growth or 350 tricks for DIY growth hacking?

Our answer is no. Although a list of tricks could inspire you to try new things.

What really generates growth is:

  • M.A.R.T. objective definition
  • Careful data analysis
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creative and innovative content creation

Furthermore, that list of hacks might not take into account the requirements of your business specifically.

If you know a thing or two about marketing, you know you can’t design a strategy for an ecommerce based on what worked for a mobile app.

Growth hacking secret 1No “hack” works for everybody.

Which brings us to the first secret we want to share with you: If you are aiming for quick results, design your own (very specific) tactics for growth.

Some tactics are general enough that they can be applied to almost every business model, from startups to corporations. But “sort of good” results are not what you are looking for. Getting specific, tailoring the strategy to fit your specific needs, that’s how you obtain surprising results.


Growth hacking secret 2Growth hacking is not a tool, it’s a skill

The second growth hacking secret we want to share here is that growth hackers have a je ne sais quoi that can’t be found in a list of tactics. So what we are saying is that you don’t need the tools, you need the skills. Do you have time to learn the basics? If not, there are growth hackers that offer product management services like us. But what is a growth hacker exactly and why should you let them manage your product?


Growth hacking can be defined as a discipline that aims to rapidly and notoriously increase traffic, users, conversions and revenue for businesses of all kind.

What a Growth hacker knows best is how to create traction. The minimum investment and effort possible are placed on the right channels (those that matter most for your business) in order to increase revenue exponentially.

Focus on what you do better than your competition

Basically if you sum things up and simplify it, a growth hacker knows how to take advantage of your individual strengths in order to improve your overall performance.

When in doubt: Consult an expert

At Applikable we consider ourselves experts in web development. Our senior developers designed apps, integrated ecommerce, and tested the latest innovations in development in order to increase clients’ online presence. But we quickly realized that a well-designed web page wasn’t enough to ensure online visibility.

A well-designed web page isn’t enough

We integrated Digital marketing strategists and experienced data analysts into our team to ensure flow and functionality plus strategic marketing created a well-designed funnel for online sales. With time, after testing several products and working hand in hand with several companies, we found that only constant data revision coupled with innovation could increase the percentages that mattered the most to our clients.

Growth hacking secret 3Constant revision + innovation= growth

Involuntarily we stumbled across growth hacking secret #3: Never trust your data unless it tells you what you are doing wrong.

We hope you have enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share it with anyone you know that’s starting a business our interested in growth hacking as a service. We are happy to share what we our experience has taught us. Let us know if it has been useful.

Would you like to know what makes a good growth hacker? Read our blog posts on the skills a serious growth hacker should have.

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