4 quick tips to boost your mobile traffic painlessly through social networks

If you have a small business you should be looking for ways to boost your mobile traffic through social networks. Why? Lately, people prefer to search for information on their smartphones instead of their computers. This makes sense if we consider the dynamic nature of business today. We are always on the go, from one meeting to another. Whether your customers are jetsetters travelling from Miami to Hong Kong or Startup owners working from a comfortable seat at a café with a great view instead of at the office, these tips will help you make sure they find you when they are searching on mobile.

mobile traffic


Mobile traffic is booming

Search engines like Google have made great effort to optimize mobile search. Now, more than ever SEO and digital marketing strategists should be on the lookout for ways to optimize websites so they rank well on mobile search too. If you are a small business owner trying to increase traffic to your website you should consider the importance of social media, too.

For more mobile traffic, consider this:

  • Is your website responsive? Will the website load fast? Will the images and text adapt to the phone’s screen size? All these factors are important to ensure optimal user experience for mobile traffic. Most large companies have invested in responsive websites already. But smaller companies or startups might not see this is as a priority.
  • How´s your SEO? Have you chosen the right keywords to ensure people will find your website on the first page of search if they Google you from their phone? If you are not on the first page, in the top 5 positions, mobile users probably won’t click on your link.
  • Are you active on Social Media? Mobile users are aware that their favorite companies might not have responsive websites yet. Instead of googling your brand your potential clients are searching for you on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Developing a responsive website and optimizing your page for search engines, generally requires expert help. The third option could be your best choice if you are just starting your company. Creating a smart Social Media Strategy could be a great solution to increase traffic to your website.

A recent study lead by IDC delivered the following results:

70% percent of Facebook users interact at least half of the time through their mobiles, and 61% visit this Social Network at least once a day.

Another study led by ComsCore revealed that:

92% percent of Pinterest users and 86% of Twitter users access these social media through their smartphones.

So, are your Social Networks optimized for mobile search?

These 4 tips can help you make sure people find your company on Social Networks when they are on their phone. Of course, you should make an extra effort to design a responsive website, but meanwhile you can increase traffic to your social media profiles with these quick tips.


  1. Create a business profile

business profile

Most Social Networks allow very specific segmentation for businesses. Create a business profile, not a personal profile and make sure you check the right options and fill out all the information requested. More is more. Describe your product or service and include your location and work hours in your Bio as well as contact Information.



  1. Include a link to your website!

link to website

This might seem obvious to most but sometimes brands forget to include a link to their website in their Bio. Make sure there is a well written link and a call-to-action inviting users to see more information by clicking here:




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  1. Adjust social media messages to users’ schedules.

social media messages schedules

Learn the best hours to publish. When is your audience most active on that particular social network. Twitter analytics and Facebook insights allow you to learn exactly when your audience is most engaged with your posts. Plan your content ahead of time and program your posts for rush hour traffic.



  1. Monitor everything and then spy a little, too!

monitor everythingSocial media accounts allow cheap insight into what consumers are expecting from brands and companies. Not only should you monitor your social media to see what people are interacting with on your profile. You should also make an extra effort to check out your followers’ other interests. Learning more about your audience is as easy as clicking on their profiles and viewing their hobbies and interests. How can this be useful? You can increase engagement on your social media accounts by tailoring content to fit your user´s interests. Does a large percentage of your followers like a certain kind of music? Share a video they will enjoy. This will earn several likes, and increase your page’s visibility, completely free!

Social networks and mobile devices are great allies for small businesses that are trying to increase online brand positioning. We hope you find these tips useful.

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