Tips for developing great storytelling

One of the new trends that has had a great impact on online marketing is Storytelling. This is all about generating emotions in our segmented users so that they connect to the storyteller, who in this is case is us, but it could be you if you apply this strategy.

Storytelling applied to marketing

One of the main problems in marketing is how customers take a defensive attitude. When we go to on the streets we see how people try to avoid vendors, flyers, and other sellers. This is also true when we change the channel on TV to avoid the commercials and when we close the pop-up windows every time we click on the Internet. People don’t like these method anymore. On the contrary, good storytelling gets everyone’s attention because we all like good stories, even if they are fake or real – as long as they make our mind go to a special place.

Now, a good storyteller must take into account the following hints in order for this technique to work:

  • Understanding your readers will redirect you automatically to writing a great story. It will actually help you develop what they want to hear and read. In addition to this, a good writer must have decided which media will use to transmit his/her feelings before writing. Remember, you could use a good video, text, or images even – options abound!
  • Have a striking first line. People’s attention spam nowadays is very short, so making click with the reader AS SOON AS they start reading is key.
  • Make sure you know the difference between having a great and unique story and not just copying a story from someone (which is basically plagiarizing).


Don’t forget that consistency is EVERYTHING

Whether you have preference for one of your communication channels or not, don’t forget that consistency should be at the top of your list. If you are practicing your storytelling strategy through email, keeping regular communication keep your audience engaged at all times. By the way, don’t forget to keep an eye on schedule.


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